Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, fuck blogging

fucking adsense

I don't even know how they make money if they kick someone like me who wasn't even on the cusp of doing anything wrong.

There you have it, my adsense has been shut down before I made a red cent, and I was doing everything in moderation.

I'll probably type a little on here every once in a while and help bros out when I can.

Much love on your future endeavors, and may you see better luck then I have.

Not even going to appeal. It's not worth it if they're this fucking sensitive about shit.

And the ads I have clicked? I'll be honest, there were some things I was interested in buying.

This whole thing is shit.


  1. You did do something against the rules, you can't click your own ads :/. Sucks to see you go man.

  2. I gave up on ads. It's hard for your average Joe Bag-a-donuts to make any substantial money off them least in my experience. To me it makes more sense to concentrate on the blogging, and if you get a following,...then look into ads. Anyway, if you are still interested in advertisements, there are many other options besides adsense to look into out there.